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Ready to take your business to the next level? 

Perhaps you’ve grown to busy to manage your own marketing?

Local Buzz Creative offers your one stop shop to your Marketing needs. Offering Marketing management, consultations, print and online advertising creation and management, graphic design, website design, social media promotional management and more! If you’re visiting this page, then you’re ready to take the leap and get your business to the next level. No more questioning, let’s get started!

Print Advertising

Some might say that print is dead, but truth be told sometimes its not. From local papers, magazines, to flyers in the store. Having a presence around locally shows a lot. Post card mailings can have a great ROI. Luckily with LBC, we can create and manage all of these promotions!

Digital Advertising

From adwords, email campaigns to Facebook promotions, get your companies name out there where it matters most today.

Promotional Items

Local Buzz Creative offers the creation and print of any promotional items your heart may desire at a great price. Pens, brochures, hats, mugs, keychains, magnets, flyers, signage and much more! Did you know that 85% of customers recall WHO gave them their promotional item? Get started today, visit the shopping page.

Marketing Management

From your website to your online search and even social media advertising. LBC can help you manage all of your advertising avenues to take away one less stress for you as you continue to grow and nurture you own business. Keeping up with the new trends can be work in its own. Rest assured when you choose LBC that you won’t have to remember to update that Facebook status, or figure out how you’re going to update that banner on your website. No longer will you have to decide how to get your current promotion to all of your customers, because Local Buzz Creative has you covered. What are you waiting for?


Website Design

Tell your customers who you are with a website you’re proud to flaunt. From simple sites to detail orientated shopping sites, Local Buzz Creative can get your current site updated or create a brand new one just how you visioned.

Most companies will charge you an arm and maybe even your left leg to have a site created. LBC gets you up and going in no time on a budget you can afford. Pricing varies depending on the scale of the project.

Marketing Services Available

  • Logo Creation: $200
  • Website Creations: Starting at $400
  • Professional Photography: See Photography Page
  • Promotional Item Design: FREE with any order!

Pricing depends on client needs for the following services. Contact to get a quote. 

  • E-Newsletter Designing & Management
  • Website Management
  • Website Traffic/Analytics Management
  • Google Adwords Management

Ready To Get Started?

Contact me today to set up your FREE consultation, together we can figure out the best start-up plan for you.